Our Vision

To create curious learners as responsible citizens, who in turn will make a positive
contribution towards the society.

Our Mission

Creating a better future for all the children, by making learning a fun filled activity, thus developing curiosity through holistic, value –based, activity based and play based, quality education that will help in creating leaders, possessing the capacity to make a positive contribution towards the society, thus, translating the vision into reality.

Our Motto

Together we learn and make a difference.


To offer ICSE curriculum for the children residing in the vicinity and to cater to the learning needs of all the children.

To provide training in sports, music, drama, ensuring holistic development of the children.

To ensure Inclusive Education to be an integral part of the curriculum planning for the school.

To make learning a fun filled activity, aiming at learning together and making a difference to the society.

To create a community of life-long learners.

To educate children by stimulating their curiosity to learn and to provide equal opportunities to learn for all the children.

Curriculum Basis

In order to achieve the above objectives we have designed a curriculum based on the following principles ensuring and focusing on play way method of teaching and using KWL chart which will help in organizing new information and connecting new learning to prior knowledge in order to make learning fun and interesting, thus, promoting holistic development in children….