Auditorium and Assembly Hall

A well planned, Air-conditioned soundproof Auditorium for school activities – cultural events, festival celebrations , debate, elocution , impromptu speech , seminars, workshops and conferences , which can accommodate an audience of up to 300. It comes with green rooms, high quality sound and light with a Projector and excellent acoustics to impart life-skill training to our students, and in taking learning beyond textbooks and classrooms.

The Assembly Hall creates a beautiful ambience in the morning when students say the prayer in unison followed by thought for the day , skits on moral values or one minute speech on current affairs by the students . The assembly session concludes with the school anthem The students disperse in an orderly manner.

School Counsellor

A well trained and experienced school counsellor available during the school hours catering to the individual needs of the students and providing guidance with love, care and affection.

Doctor on call

Availability of First – Aid and Doctor in case of emergency.


A canteen to provide the students with healthy snacks . Only coupon, and not money, transactions are allowed.

Computer Laboratory

In keeping with the requirements of a contemporary and progressive educational institution, HTS provides the students with a fully equipped air- conditioned computer laboratory. It has the capacity to accommodate 30 students at a time for conducting both practical and theoretical classes.

Science Laboratory

Well – equipped , modern air -conditioned laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All these three laboratories are fitted out with safe and student friendly apparatus and instruments.

Fitness Programme

HTS provides an opportunity for students to play and learn Basketball, Football , Cricket , Carrom , Karate , March Past to name a few. To develop physically and mentally Yoga is compulsory for all the students.

Creativity centre

A centre for music, dance, art, dramatics, quiz.

A place where students come because they want to come, our kids choose what to learn. Together kids learn , make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.


A Library to provide students with a well-stocked and exciting centre for independent work and research. The library comprises of books catering to the needs of the students, a large collection of audio and video material, dictionaries and encyclopedias, story books, non- academic books and a sizable collection of biographies for the students to draw inspiration from great lives.

Geography and History Section – Maps, charts, models, specimens of rocks , soil and a variety of reference and digital resources to enable the students to embark on a voyage of discovery and exploration with their teachers.

Excursions and Educational Field Trip

School Educational Trip adds on to the learning experiences it provides. Every academic session has a few planned visits to different places and with different themes to enrich the experiences of students and to take education beyond the school premises.

Safety and Security

The school is under CCTV surveillance with Security guards at all the entry and exit gates of the school. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises alone.

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