Principal’s Desk

Ms. Rupa Choudhury

Principal, Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel

Ms. Rupa Choudhury is the Principal of Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel, Navi Mumbai. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of education. She started her career as the Vice Principal and the incharge Principal for Mansura Public School, Hyderabad. Under her leadership the total strength of the school increased greatly, across all the various standards. She shifted to Mumbai, joining Bunt Sangha’s S. M. Shetty High School, Powai.

Considering the vision of the Trustees, the Principal Ms. Rupa Choudhury of Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel aims at making learning a funfilled activity by stimulating curiosity and interest through play from the formative years of life. i.e the preschool years and continuing to make learning an interesting activity throughout a child’s school education.

The prime focus is on ‘Learning by Doing’ and understanding the potential of every child and supporting them to realize their potential at all levels, thus motivating the students to strive for excellence.

Technology based learning modules will definitely prepare the students with the required skills to be successful in the modern world.

To quote the Principal, “With the confidence and support of the parent body of the Hiranandani Trust School, we aim to give maximum to the society through our student body by maintaining a symbiotic relationship between the management, the teachers, the students and the parents”.

Thus, the motto of the Hiranandani Trust School is: “Together we learn and make a difference”

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